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Welcome to Charleston, South Carolina, the gem of the South, famous for its walking tours, and the home of Holy City Tours.

Charleston is known as the Holy City because it was one of the few places in the original 13 colonies that practiced religious tolerance. From the beginning, the city was a melting pot for people of all faiths, especially those who had been persecuted elsewhere because of their religious beliefs. Along with religious freedom came a skyline of some of the oldest and most beautiful houses of worship in the country.

We at Holy City Tours welcome you to the Lowcountry. Stroll through historic Charleston as we share with you the rich and vibrant history of the place we adore and call home. Whether you seek a brief overview of the Charleston peninsula, a comprehensive walking tour highlighting its turbulent past or a look at the folklore and ghosts that still roam our dark alleyways, Holy City Tours is committed to providing the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable tour guides our city has to offer. Our vision is to be the most respected and most recommended walking tour company in Charleston and to make a positive contribution to the community by promoting Charleston’s distinctive cultural heritage.

Please don’t walk aimlessly around Charleston; instead, allow us to guide you through more than three centuries of history, to locations that helped form the foundation of our great nation.


Our Charleston Walking Tours include: the Sunset Tour, the Walk Through History Tour, and The Best Ghost Tour in Charleston, and the Battery Walk Tour.

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